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3. On the latter point, I shall say no-
thing more. As to the former, I request
that you will be kind enough to let me have
a copy of my letter, to enable me to do myself
justice, by giving those who may feel interest
in the question the exact version. My re-
collection of it, in substance, I can depend on;
but I am desirous of avoiding, in all respects,
the slightest inaccuracy.

4. The letter embraced opinions on
other topics, and on the qualifications of other
individuals then recently appointed to office.
With these, the particular appointment of Mr.
Lutwyche had no concern; and they are
not material, except in so far as the con-
text may explain, or illustrate, the nature
and occasion of the communication. You
may either add, therefore, or withhold,
those other portions of my letter, as you

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