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-pressed, and what by your note it would appear that I am reported to have

Mr. Lutwyche had been basely
attacked, and the Government mostly ma-
-ligned for placing him on the Bench; and
I did not for a moment suppose you would have
any objection to my repeating the sentiments
which I recollected at the instant you
had communicated to me. Nor did it
occur to me that the letter, – though unques-
-tionably written in a friendly and unre-
-served manner, – was, as regarded the opin-
-ions with which you favored me upon the
appointments in question, so confidential,
that I might not fall back upon the sub-
-stance of those opinions.

My impression was, decidedly, that
you considered Mr. Lutwyche's a good ap-
-pointment – : I was glad that you held that

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