Status: Complete

position here at that date. At the present
time the Amounts with H. F. & Co stand thus
J. & W. M: Bce Ct £1335.9.6 J. M: £1376.16.1
Total credit Balance £2705.16.1. This includes
all cheques drawn to date of this letter. There
are two heavy dress makers Bills – which
confirmed them - they will not send in. Besides
this nothing owing But you will remember
that Emilys £1000 we wish to keep for special
objects & not to apply it to current expenses under
any circumstances you need be under no
uneasiness on our account for some time to
come – though I should not be sorry to see
my way clear as to our being in a position
to spend more freely than we like to do until
we hear from you of the replenishing of our
Bank a/c at Sydney. I should like to have
a Brougham for instance now & then by the week while in town
& to be able to give dear Puss a Canter now


I may as well mention on this sheet that I am
in communication with Richardson & Co about
the missing Gardener's Chronicals & the
Volumes for the year you have specified. They will
I hope send you the three papers of June & July
by this mail, & by the next I shall be able to
[?]. also to the other years you wish for –
Also about the University Robes which are
in hand – & possibly [?] [?] a reply

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Lucio Alvarez

I just learned that Puss is a horse- until now I thought he or she was a (human) member of his family. I've transcribed it as Pass and Pap in previous letters because I couldn't make it out. It's strange that they name their horse the nickname for a cat.


Actually, I believe it is a pet name for his daughter Elizabeth as neither cats nor horses write letters as 'Puss' is mentioned as doing, as well as recovering from influenza and seasickness on the boat to England.