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& then when the season becomes suitable for Horse
exercises. Emily has mentioned in a letter viâ
Southampton that we have after much search &
consideration fixed our head quarters in a
small house from which I now write. It is in
the same street as Lady Giffs & the Wynyards
& near the Robert Martins, Forbes, & Davidsons.
It is also a neighbourhood in which ladies
walk out alone without remark, is very
quiet as well as respectable or even fashionable
as you know & gives us the means of receiving
our friends from Shropshire, Berwickshire, &
Bromley Common & giving them a bed. as
we have four best bed rooms – besides two good
garret rooms for servants, & two small Dressing
rooms. On the ground floor we have a dining
room in which from six to eight may meet
very cosily or even ten if packed closely & a
smaller morning room, & up stairs on the
first floor two dressing rooms, not opening
into each other, but which communicate
quite easily, by throwing open the doors, across

from Paris about the Vineyard [?]

It is a cold rain day
not very pleasant for writing [which?] [?]
excuse my scrawl

As ever

J. M:

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