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the landing place of the stores. It is in fact a
small house in many ways just suited to us.

We have taken it for three years from the 13th of
this month at a rent of £325 a year. By renting
it for so long a time the power of subletting
is obtained to which a portion of our annual
rent may be paid, as it will let readily in
the Summer portion or even twelve guineas
a week during the height of the season, & there
seems little doubt of our being able to get
rid of it without difficulty or serious loss
should we require to do so – as seems probable
before the expiration of the three years.

Wentworth strongly advised me to get some
fixed place of abode – saying they had lost
greatly, besides the inconvenience in moving
from house to house; and even in our
short experience we find ample confirmation
of this. When the house is let for the season
we can retain one of the bed rooms as a

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