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or at all events up to Saturday there was nothing
decided, as the Duke of New Castle has been so short
a time returned from his American Tour with the
Prince of Wales. But I know on good authority
that there were many applicants for the Govr.
& several highly qualified men here of the
other Australian Govrs are likely to be promoted to
it. Sir H. Barkly of course would not leave
Melbourne. I think Sir W. Denison right in
his views as to horse power for the railways
in our Interview. I have not time to write
why I think so by this mail but I hope
the N. S. W. legislature will have the sense to
adopt his recommendations on this head –
as well as for Armstrong Batteries for Sydney
Harbour. Pray tell Cowper & Rolleston
with my best rememberances that I will
write to them by the December mail

The Statistical C Report is not yet
ready. But besides this I am as I have
before said not yet in writing mood, &
trim. I left Rolleston's Report with his note
to me with Dr. Farr, at Somerset House

a few days ago. He said he would direct the Reports
Rolliston wished for to be forwarded to him.

In the Times of today there is a Passage
relative to the Annual Report of the Registrar
General for Scotland – You might mention this to
Rolleston. I send you the Paper also that for Saturday viâ
Marseilles – & several other Times of relevant [?] &[?] viâ
Southampton. I will see about the seeds & the university Robes
going soon. But I do hope you will be able to make
arrangements to join our party satisfactorily

God bless you my dear William
ever Yr. affecte Brother
J. Macarthur

It is a pity the Bay [?] horse had not been sold for such an offer
I consider £60 her outside value. I supposed the £200 was for Gondola
I should be sorry to sell her for that price if she continues as

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