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New Zealand

24th July 1877

Sir W. Mc Arthur


In looking through Messrs Veitch & Sons
Catalogue of plants for 1877 I notice your
name mentioned as a contributor and
also attached to some of the contributions,
among them being Dendrobium superbiens,
Croton Macarthuri, Dracæna Macarthuri –

As an amateur and a great lover
of beautiful plants I have gone to a
considerable expense in importing
choice things from England, but I
am sorry to say with poor success, the
cases almost always having had the
glass broken on the voyage – consequently
most of the contents dead – and it was
only by the last trip of the Northumberland
that I received a case from Messrs Veitch
with the whole of the glass on one side
of it broken and out of 29 plants only 7 are
alive, so that I have almost given up the

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