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importation from England in despair –

I have endeavoured to procure some of the
choicer plants that I have seen mentioned
in the catalogue of the Sydney nurserymen
but on application the answer has been
almost invariably "very sorry but we have
none left in stock" – query did they ever
have them –

I am anxious to procure the choicer crotons,
Marantas Dracænas &c, if fact any choice
foliage or flowering plants, and as you
appear to have some of these I venture
to ask you if you would be willing to
exchange for plants and ferns from this
country of which I have a nice collection –
If so and on receipt of your desire to
exchange I will send you a collection
of the choicer plants and ferns that I
have, so that you can then send me
some of the things I have mentioned
in return –

I am Sir
Yours faithfully
Henry. W. Travers

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