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[pencil] Scheffer

Buitenzorg, 11-10-77.

My dear Sir, Your kind letter of the
27th April is still without answer. My
amanuensis is seriously ill and therefore
his labour comes to me, so that my
occupations become too much for one

Your case, mentioned in that letter, ar=
rived in very good order and the crotons
were all alive. But, I am sorry to say,
they were without names. Please accept my best thanks.

I was very happy to learn from your letter
that you did find alive some valued
species of my former sending and I hope
that my last sending will prove usefull [useful]
and will arrive in good condition.

Your mode of packing proves very usefull [useful]
but perhaps if the plant had happened to
have a longer voyage, it might not have
turned out so well. In the mean time I
will try the same method another time.

Believe me, dear Sir,
Yours very sincerely

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