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18th Decr 1877

My dear Sir William

Some two months ago I sent
you a case of plants, being the case
you so kindly sent to me, but
I have not heard yet whether it
has reached you –

I forgot to post the letter forwarding
the case until after the Wakatipee,
by which steamer I sent the case, had
sailed –

The case was addressed to your
agents as requested by you –

All the plants you sent are doing well –
I intend going to the mountains during
the Xmas holidays when I hope to procure
some good things – I have some more
ferns &c for you, but not quite enough
to fill a case –

I wish you would kindly send me some
sacks of soil –

Hoping to hear from you about the plants

I remain
Yours faithfully
Henry H. Travers

Sir Wm Mc Arthur

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