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have shown some nice things –

I am glad to hear that you are
about to send me some more things,
those you sent are doing well –

If you have them to spare when
thinning out your shruberries [shruberies] I should
be glad of any species of Camellias
and Azaleas as I have recently
bought a nice place and have
a corner in it that I think would
suit those plants well.

I should like if you have it to spare
a plant of adiantum Farleyense also
alocasia metalica [alocasia metallica] and caladium
metalicum – I think I have enough
varieties of crotons now thanks to your
liberality –

I send you per Easby a few more
ferns which I trust will be acceptable,
they like shade & moisture –

Have you any plants of Inga
pulcherrima or seeds I hear it
is such a good thing, & acalypha
Brownii is mentioned as a fine plant
& one desired by me – I have a bicolor
& marginata –

Do you happen to have either of the

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