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Medinellas I have always failed in
importing them –

I have never known fruit so dear
as it is this season, no fruits except
the smaller kinds are grown here
the winds are so high, and though
the weather is often very hot grapes
do not ripen out of doors and
few people possess vineries – 1/6 & 2/-
is the price of a small fine apple
1/6 to 2/- lb for grapes 8d to 1/- lb for Pears
are the ruling prices –

I forgot to put the names to the
ferns now sent but will send you
dried specimens so that you will
be able to take the names from
those –

Hoping your orchids are doing well and
that I shall hear from you shortly

I remain
yours faithfully
Henry H. Travers

Sir Wm Mc Arthur
Campden [Camden] Park

P.S. case sent to your agents address –

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