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E. [Indis?], but neither have yet flowered with us; Spathoglottis Paulinae
– as we believe it to be – (Fiji); Sarcochilus ceciliae; Dendrobium fimbriatum
oculatum; 6 Phagus [indecipherable]; Nepenthes sps Cape York – this I send in the
bare hope that it is not N. Kennedyi ; 6 Dammara robusta; Eugenia
sps (called "White Apple") from tropical Queensland; 6 Doryanthes Palmeri;
Urania Sps from Fiji; Hoya sps (Fiji) ; [indecipherable] sps (Fiji) ; [indecipherable]
sps (Fiji); Davallia sps (Fiji) ; Davallia elegans; & 2 ferns from Nth Queensland
It was necessary to pack a few of these in bundles to economise space – I hope they
will not have suffered – In attempting to send anything to you I am always oppressed
with the fear of being unable to add anything that is new to your wonderful collection
and I have but a faint hope that out of the plants in this case there may be
something of interest to you – It is probable that, despite our nearer proximity to
Cape York & to Islands of the Pacific, you are in fact far more in possession
of that pound than we are – our friends neither permit us to send said
collector to such distant places, nor to purchase rare plants; so that our
possession of good things depends upon the goodwill of our own colonists,
or travellers, and of foreign correspondents with whom we exchange – we
are now about adding a hothouse to our appliances, and are fortunate
in the services of a highly skilled gardener who received his training in Veitch's
establishment – Sarcochilus fitzgeraldi has not, so far as I can learn, been
found in Queensland nor have I ever seen D. fusiforme – Mr Bailey
thought he had found it at Cardwell; but Baron Mueller pronounced
his specimen to be of another variety of D. speciosum – but operations

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