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come to us so often without names that it is possible we are sending
coals to Newcastle – we have now three batches in this predicament
vz from Neilgheeries [Nilgiris], Saharanpur, & Assam ; a batch also
from Ceylon contains duplicates – I presume that you will be willing
to receive our spare plants on chance.

We have attained some successes by attaching Aerides
suavissima grandiflora & sundry Dendrobium to our
growing Palms , where they have flowered strongly and are very effective
in the open borders, and we purpose continuing the system with all the
Orchids which [original text crossed out- will] afford reasonable chance of adapting themselves to
such treatment – This will have the double effect of relieving our houses
which are far within the limit of our requirements; and of drawing public attention
to the practicability of utilizing some of this grand order as common garden

Have you succeeded in flowering Renanthera coccinea?
This grand thing has beaten us entirely.

You will observe that I ask you for [indecipherable] and
[indecipherable] – we have lately recd a lot of Nepenthes from Singapore, but they
were jumbled together, and it will be a work of time to discover if there
be any sps of merit among them – If so, the duplicates shall be at your

We are just in the throes of a change of Head Gardener, a
process about which I am very nervous – the man who is leaving us

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Nilgiri Mountains, Tamil Nadu, India.