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has brought the gardens, as well as our stock of plants, to a
state of high perfection, and we part from him with great regret – the
boy however got it into his head that there is a good opportunity
for starting in business in Brisbane as a nurseryman; and
perhaps so highly skilled and honest a young man may
have a chance of success where others have barely made
bread – Mr Kefford's successor has been overseer in
the Botanic Gardens, so we know something about him;
but whether he possesses the thorough "all round" qualifications
of his predecessor remains to be seen , while this is in course
of development I shall have a very anxious time of it .
Kefford's acquaintance with the requirements of Orchids was
very considerable – nothing of this class ever failed with him,
and I always regretted that we could not give him more
perfect appliances in the way of assorted houses for those
plants, as I am certain he would have produced some
fine results. I need hardly say that we have in good growing

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