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condition those which you sent us before.

Re Cattleyas I have made this observation – the only sps we have
is Cattleya pallida – Our plant came off a great mass which I saw at
Mr Eales' at Duckinfield [Dukinfield] Park, where it seemed to receive ordinary
cool greenhouse treatment – our plant has not done well at all,
and I have given orders to attach it to the same Palm on which the
Phalænopsis has succeeded so well out of doors. I will let you know
the result.

We have not been troubled with insects indoors to any
material extent. I attribute this in great measure to Keffords skill in
managing his houses – He is not fond of shade except from the very
hottest of the sun; but gives unlimited air except when it brings
with it cold or draught.

The new house in the Brisbane Botanic Gardens is
a great failure – This is much to be regretted, as for the £1000 which
it is admitted to have cost, at least a good working house should
have been obtained. As it is the plants might as well be subjected
to the influence of a burning glass, and they present a sad picture

Do you want Disa grandiflora? I don't see it in
your list, but it is hardly possible that so fine a collection should be wanting
in the species – Of course in refilling your case I will add anything
that I think would be acceptable – I believe we can do this in some measure
with [original text crossed out- with] New Cal. & Fijian [indecipherable] – with best regards my dear Sir William

Yrs most [respectfully?]
Lewis A Bernays

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