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some valued freind I doubt
not has gone down in her
was he for or against that style
of ship? here the opinions run
very high – still even to my
ignorance it seems as if much
would still need to be done
to make it a more secure
sea going ship – I see poor Capt
Coles has left 10 – children – as I [a]
girl I used to see her – I at one
time knew an elder sister
well – I got a freind to call
at the Admy [Admiralty] to ask for the
Childers – he is I fancy in a
precarious state of health –
they had started for Germany
for some baths a few hours
before this Telegram came
and as it was known that
they were to rest a few days
in Brussels a freind at
once set off to tell them of
the loss of their boy – the last

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