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Cairo 18 January 1870

My dear Bessie – I have such a number
of letters to write when mail day comes
that I will write to you beforehand and
add a bulletin the day of posting

No doubt you have heard of us from
dear Libby of our suffering voyage
from Sydney when we were all more
or less ill – and of our stay of a
fortnight at P. de Galle to recruit
It was very warm (though what
they call the cool season –/ heavy
occasional rains – but we found
it a pleasant resting place
& set off much more able to travel
In the Red Sea most of the chidren
on board had feverish attacks and
cough – & of course mine were both
ill in an exaggerated degree so that
we were really uneasy about both of
them – on arrival at Suez we went
to Ismailia to rest and to see the
Coast – Msr Lesseps was a friend

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