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of Vigants Father – he received us
most warmly and whilst he and
his family remained there we really
enjoyed our stay - but Ismailia is at
present in a transition state Most
of the Employés are leaving from the
1st Jany /70 and a new set about to be
appointed and it is at this moment
they are leaving so that it becomes a
deserted spot It is wonderful
indeed to see all that has been done
and so far as the possibility of
ships going through without any
difficulty whatever it is a decided
success – The sweet water canal however
is to my mind the most present boon
to the country rendering habitable &
fertile such a large tract of country
for as you know sand with hill water
can produce any thing – the proof
is that a large tract of land bought
by the Suez Canal Co has since
the completion of the fresh water canal

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