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This year they can fill up. It was
difficult to get houses and
probationers on such a mission –
I shall ask Fanny to post the
report just issued to you
It may incite some one to "go &
do likewise" with money & time –
I shall be so glad of news of you
& I wish dear if you write you would
tell me exactly how you are.
My kindest love to your dear Sybil
I am no worse than when you were
here – I just go up & down as
you know – but I get out of doors
here a great deal. I am tempted
out by the clean pavements &
Bath chair – And it is better
& I rather vegetate I read a
great deal & I daresay if I had
a little home I should subside
into a real "old lady of Cheltenham"
at present I dont "feel like it"
but I do need some local interest
to occupy my spare energies

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