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My greatest interest here is in
Mr Jennings Church & Parish – and
I think that would always be an
interest but Im afraid that as he
preaches so well & is so esteemed
by the bishop the probability is that
he will be 'raised up higher' & I
should lose that which is a very
great inducement to come here.
From his intimate knowledge of
us all & his real interest in us
I feel that he is a support to me
& I like his people also.

I see a great deal of Sydney's Cousin
who is unremittingly kind to me
so I am not at all forlorn here
Lonely hours I must have every where
and old memories sweep over me
with a wave too often – when alone
but that is my cross (to be alone)
And I must carry it – and as soon
as that thought takes possession –
all memory is quelled at once
but the flesh is rosiate [roseate] .

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Could "flash" in the last line be "flesh" I wonder?