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you have never told me if you got the
price of the picture dear Bessie –
Sitting here alone today in this little
back drawing room where I spent
such awful nights from 12 to 30 years
I think of many things and your
sweet sympathy & loving eyes
are quite bright to my memory
God bless you for your goodness to me
How glad I shall be when you return
I have often felt very down hearted
through winter – very unwell –
Dr C. says there is nothing organically
wrong with my heart – that my
vital & nervous force is so spent
that palpitations & swelling &
other disagreeable sensations are
the natural result

He does not like London for me, but
evidently the sea does not suit me
and hay fever season is so near
He says between Scylla & Charybdis
stay in London this summer
he advises as friend as well as doctor I know

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