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Amy Hanbury will be in town this
summer and that is a pleasure to
me always – the Turings also have
taken a house this season in Lennox
Gardens near me, James marriage to a
young Hertfordshire Lady has given
them all great satisfaction –

The newly married couple come back
from Egypt & Italy immediately
after what Jim calls a "lovely time"
The Arthur McAs have gone to Goring
on Thames for 6 mos for the sake of the
river for Bayly. I think Enid will
find it a great change & Eml find
it very dull if the young ones are
much out – one hour & ¼ from Town
near Reading – however a change seems
to have come over the spirit of loves dream
and I sometimes wonder if some
thing will come out of it Private
I have strong suspicions that amongst
her many admirers – she has at
last found some one to admire
but please dont breathe it in the air
You would not know his name –
a new Acquaintance

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