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made this winter accidentally (or
providentially) we shall soon see
She has had so many "adorateurs"
it wd be amusing if she is at
last held captive – but there is
no talk of any thing – I only tell
you my belief – she actually
staid away from 3 good Balls –
so the irreverent young ones laughed
There were 2 very good dancers just
before I left – V. came over for the
Fancy Ball – and he & Christian
went in uniform to it – I thought
they looked very well. in their
finery – Ch looks very well & feels well
unless on over doing & then he finds out
he is not yet quite strong –

I hope I shall see you in May or June
and do come as soon as you can

I heard of dear Libby at Braidwood
indirectly – I am always dearest
Bessie with love to yr dear Sybil &
the sons & kind regards to Mr Thompson

Ever your very affect
E M Falbe

Bayly has
passed Exam
very well

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