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53 Brompton Crescent 8 July

My dear Bessie

If I had written as often as I have
thought of you – You would have had a
goodly fill of my writing even now
but indeed writing has been such a labour
that I have trusted to your hearing of me
and I have heard always of you fm Banksia
I have been just a "[prize critter?]" since I
saw you and Hay fever found me weak
I have been failing in strength & flesh so
manifestly that I am now under a
regular régime which I hope will answer
but of course feeling so weak & with so
much exhaustion I have lost energy, &
put off things from day to day

Dont say much about me – I am not
in any way acutely ill and I do hope
this massage with oil & the rest after it
obliging me to not so many hours will be
good for me in all ways. I have no disease
except gout thank God! I dont seem able to [indecipherable]
off all the wear & tear of 1890 and the very
bad winter I spent at Bournemouth.

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