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Christian is still considered to be not strong
enough for his Regt (by military medical boards)
but I think by 1st Augt when leave expires he
will be able to rejoin. – Vigant is here now
for a few days and looks very well

He finds Portand dull but healthful –
Dear Bessie I hear from Miss Best that
Jack is learning Rugby & wants to join you
I dont wonder!! but your old George will
feel rather jealous till you all come back
I did not hear of Lady McA's death till
after she was buried and then quite in
a casual way – I have not been visiting
at all – It must have been very sudden
I was there some weeks before & went up &
saw Miss Smith but who said that
perhaps Lady Mc would know my voice
but she happened to be sleeping so I did
not see her –

Sir G McLeays death seems also to have
been sudden – after his return – and I do
not doubt it was Infuenza – for that very
mysterious (so called) illness is much more
a fever than any thing else. People
have it severely without any ordinary cold

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