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I am looking forward to Charles Wickhams
arrival from India on half pay – His wife
is already in England living in Oxfordshire
with her parents.

I hear you are making many changes
and improvements at Camden Park
I am sure you have been very busy
Sometimes I fear the two deaths wh
have taken place will delay your return
for I suppose the real inheritance is
in Australia in both cases. and
there must be much to think about
It will be delightful when you do come
I think Miss Best is coming here to see
me tomorrow – I wish I had seen more
of her. but I have had to give up all visiting
and I fancy she has been a good deal
engaged until lately –

I dont see much of Eml & her children now
They are living at Goring on Thames & very
seldom come up. & of course I cant go down
I hear from Australia of Enids engagement
but it is only a bit of gossip – the old
intimacy goes on with C [James Kea?] – but I
have no idea that she will ever marry him

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