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Wildbad Germany 22 Aug

Dearest Bessie

Your letter was a great delight
and I could picture you all on
that Sunday evening – It was good
of you to write to me – Before I left
London I tried to get at Miss Best
but she thought I had already gone
& some how my notes missed and
now I hear from her from the far
north where I hope your dear lads
are very happy , and where their
uncles presence will set you at
ease about them, I hope on the moors
I was very unwell before I left London
You know what a "rag" hay fever
leaves one – and then those
Gastric attacks are so frequent
I was detained some days in
starting – and Im afraid that my

so sorry
to have
paper here

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Lucio Alvarez

'so sorry to have blotting paper here' - I think she's apologizing for having only blotting paper to write on, which probably accounts for the poor quality of the writing.


Sorry, I think it might read 'blotty' paper, meaning that the paper was poor quality and made the ink run at times. I don't think it is possible to write with pen and ink on blotting paper.