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quite afraid of the result upon me!
It would be a pity if I am smitten again
We have had such very bad weather
here – the whole three weeks I have
been here – but now it seems clearing –
Rain has been quite universal in
these latitudes. – The English farms again tried
I expect to be here certainly for
another fortnight – So far I have all
hope as to a good result. –

This is such a pretty place but to
enjoy it one ought to be able to
walk – & this I cannot accomplish
I get a Bath chair and the valley
is lovely although I long to get upon
the Hill rides, and into the Fir
Forest which clothes all the hills

23° This evening came Sybils
quite delightful letter, telling me so
much I was longing to hear of
your life and your work dearest
Bessie – How I wish I could be with you

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