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Wildbad – 2

Dearest Bessie Since I wrote last
week I have received this pitiful
letter from Miss Burrell Hayley
the elderly spinster who has all
along looked after poor Miss McA
I gave the £5. but in no way held
out assurance regarding you –
although I know that you will
respond so far as Lady P. £5 goes
I cant see how she can pay 15/ a
week & I think the "old servant" must
also benefit by the arrangement
but of course I cant say any thing
That £10 now with drawn & attended to ought
strictly speaking have to have been
paid – but I always expected it wd
be with drawn – as it now has been. x
so that really this poor thing has only
what she gets fm the Hayleys. & Lady McA.
£5 – and my £7 p ann [per annum] & £3 fm Elling

It cant pay 5/ a week truly ! !
It only makes £15 a year?

x I always wondered a [indecipherable] clergyman accepting it , as
It was supposed to be given for maintenance of an imbecile
sister who is in an asylum!

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