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some where on the Continent 340


For all I have seen of Vigant since Jany
(the inside of a week in June) I might as well
be in Australia! but I have seen C. & h. &
I could not make up my mind to leave
my all on this side the water! at my age.
I am so disappd now for V. is going to have
a fortnights leave & I shall not see him.
He will come to C & h. but I am kept here
There are very few English but how many
F. has discovered some "high brow" friends of her
mothers we shall very likely fall into a
German set – which is the most interesting
I dont speak any German but most of
the upper classes know English or French
There is such a funny old couple here
Count & Css. V. Leitgow. they sit at a little table
close to ours. the count is 80 – he sits with
his back to us. but is very interested
in us, & between the courses swings
himself round to look at us. It has been
so comical that at last his nice
ladylike wife, & I have reached the smiling & bowing
stage of an acquaintance. Really if one
is petty with there is no lack of study
of human nature here – I wish I had
any thing to tell to interest you. I had a
letter fm C. Wickham today – he now has a

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