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commissioned at Rawal Pindi which is a much
more agreable [agreeable] post than he had. His children are at
this moment with Nellie and certainly happy
I am very fond of Nellie she is a dear creature
Cl. seems to be interesting himself in local matters & I
hope will gradually fill some useful niche than
just now has been the driving spirit of a rural
agricultural show. having been asked to judge teams
and driving competition – that has kept him quite
busy. the show was held in the field below his house
and they had 60 to Tea!! so that time has not yet hung
upon his hands! He gets on shooting! Mr Wall has not
taken a place in Scotland this year he is in very
much the same state of health – I believe "[indecipherable]"
last year was rather trying to him – His two sons in law
C. are [indecipherable] & not care for shooting and not happy if they dont have a Salmon river
& [Wall?] does not care for shooting. –

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