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Mrs Caldwell (Eldest) had seen Typhoid fever and what
with sickness &c &c &c. I think this year he is trying how he
likes to visit his daughters – he was a good while in Worcestershire
but of course Ch. is sorry not to get that delightful shooting
& Vigant has also always been included in McA. hospitality
I think C. will get a good deal of lowland shooting in W.shire
What a fascination shooting is to most English men! –
I shd like to answer Sybils interesting letter but by the time
this reaches you – other topics will be on the tongues –
I take, however, the liveliest interest in all she tells me,
Even to the new flower beds (Roses) & [indecipherable] of Palms. –
& the s wm [silkworm] culture! I have always believed in silk in NSW
but the labour is I suppose the difficulty – however in your
system of accounting there must be children ad libitum
I amused my self by counting my nephews & nieces Gt [indecipherable]
& of course there are some Babies I know nothing of. and
[page damaged] direct descendants of my Father & Mother in this list
[page damaged] and their children! the list is still quite appalling

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