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and I dont count infants who die
nor live – beyond infancy !!

When I asked Sisters & the fathers, it is
quite beyond personal identification
So I daresay ere long there will be
children enough at Camden to carry on cottage
silk worm culture extensively !!

I must reluctantly stop writing –
Its not very good for my heart
I do hope I may see something of
your dear ones in winter. I trust I
may be able to stay in London
I shall make a fight for it !!
There is ever so much more I want
to say ! I heard fm. Katie McA young
Alan seems very happy in California
George well in China but she does not
know if he will have to go to Corea
she is getting anxious as to the Education
of her girlies who are very [indecipherable] –
Deauville gives no Educational opporty
Violet returns to [indecipherable] house school
Katie has a very difficult life – & I fear
is not strong – ever so much love to you
my dears ! Sybil will read this & accept all my
thanks for her [wg. writing?], Yours E M Falbe

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