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Thursday, May 7, 1914
Pouring morning. Mrs Copeland Billy, D. Jack & I came into town in Jack's machine. I went out to see Mayme Butler at the [Buer?] School at three. Sick & depressed so came home & went to bed at six. Met Miss Byrne on the car. Ethel did not come in. Took Veranal tablet.

Friday 8
Slept till 9 o'clock. Clipped holes in Net of C. Miss B. came out at 12 & had a little lunch with me. I went in at 3 & saw Ethel & Jack & Billy & at 4.30 went to see Miss Murphy Assist. Supt. of Schools. Dinner with Miss G at Hearth & walked home. Finished clipping "Net of C" & went to bed.

Saturday 9
Got down at 10. Wrote some letters. Geo. Mason called. Lunch at Hearth alone. Went to P.O. & Plows to buy cake for Ethel's beach party. Home at 4 & had a sleep. Dinner at Lincoln Pkway & then worked & D. & Page's copy till ten & went to bed. Lovely day turned wet at night.

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