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Sunday, May 10, 1914
Worked in my room till 3, dressed & went to Ethel's thence up to Lloyd's & to beach party comprising Anne W. Lloyds Masons, H. Pitman, D [Weart?]. Alton. Jack Lloyd took us home in his automobile. I stayed with Ethel. Great amusement was caused by the announcement that the glorious Demmy had the measles.

Monday 11
Jack & Bill brought Ethel & I into town in the auto. Moving day at the office. I had Helen McDowell & Anne W. to lunch at Domestic Science also Ethel & Miss H. Got home at 4 tired had a sleep then dinner at Parkway. Very cold & wet so uncomfortable for me.

Tuesday 12
Moving so I stayed home. Lunch & dinner at Lincoln Pkway. Frightfully cold day but steam came on after a while so I survived. Miss Henry came at 7 & I cooked her some eggs & tea. Feeling terrible.

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