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Wednesday, May 13, 1914
Got down at 10 feeling very seedy. Ethel & I had lunch at Hearth & went walking down Mich. Ave to see A. Nestor's picture & hat shop etc. Moving still in evidence. Anne Wittington called up to say goodbye but we were not in. Dinner at Hearth with F. Sherwood & walked home slept an hour & worked till after 11.

Thursday 14
Very tired. Got down at 10. Went to Crerar to look up words. D. called up from 20th Century but I was out. Mary Anderson & Miss [Dandy?] & Steghagen called. Went over to Hull Hse. to meet Mrs Havilock Ellis for dinner. Judge Bartleme[Bartelme], Dummers, Mrs Franklin & others there also E. Edwards. Came home & got to bed early.

Friday 15
Got down at 11. Ethel & I had lunch at Dom. Science. I had singing lesson at 1.30. Worked in office till nearly six. Dinner at Hearth alone & walked home. Slept an hour worked till 11.30 preparing copy for Mills & Boon. Fine day but chilly.

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The judge mentioned could be Mary Bartelme (1866-1954) a pioneering American judge and lawyer.