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Tuesday, May 19, 1914
Lovely summery day. Lunch & dinner alone at Hearth. Got to Hull Hse. at 8.30 to hear story of Ludlow Mine women thence to office. 25 dollars disappeared from vault. Saw Beachey fly in the afternoon. Wrote letters and pottered. Pottered some more after I got home. Went to bed tired

Wednesday 20
Got down at 10. Lunch at Hearth alone. Did a good day's work. Made June dummy. Wm B. made an extended call. xxxx.
Sara [McCorey?McConey?] came & Miss H & I had dinner with her at Hearth & went to speaking class. I came home with Miss Byrne Warm day.

Thursday 21
Went to Saul's at 8. There all day till 3.30. Lunch at Eat Shop Back to office so exhausted I had to lie down. Got home at six & slept just dead with exhaustion till 8.30. Got up pottered around & went to bed.

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Lincoln Beachey (1887-1915) was a pioneer aviator famous for staging aerial stunts and flying exhibitions.