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Friday, May 22, 1914
Got down at 10 & finished dummy. Wm B. made a call. Miss Henry & I had lunch together at Hearth. Wm B. called on 'phone so did Fred. P. Cool day. Dinner at Hearth walked home & had a good practice. Singing lesson at 1.30. Mr Krump called at office to take me to Hedda Gabler but I had gone home.

Saturday 23
Got down at 110. Wm B. had called. Louise left. I went over to other office to talk things over with Mary A. Home at four & had a sleep. At six went out to Pischel's to hear a letter from Emma read. Ellen Schmidt, Miss Henry & Leonora other guests. I took Mr Pischel lilies of the Valley. He was very pleased.

Sunday 24
Very warm day. Stayed in room all the time sleeping and dawdling. Didn't do any work - just idled the day away. Vocalised a little & wrote part of a story [tho?too?] Went out to post a letter at sunset & met Mr Martin & his niece.

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