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1915 March
[Wed. 25 continued from previous page]
to hot words about the war.
Dinner at Hearth alone & walked
home v. tired. Rested a little &
then went to gym. Too tired to
practise singing. To bed.

Thur. 25
Got down at 5 to 9 & put in a
busy day. Lunch with Miss Galvin
at Hearth. Mr Uber called during after-
noon. Mrs Robins took me to La Salle
for dinner & we went over work
& Convention plans. Walked home
at 9.30 & went to bed.

Fri. 26
Got down early again to save Miss
O'Neil. Worked hard. Miss G & I had
lunch at Hearth & went shopping. Then
to singing. Dinner at Hearth alone
& walked home dead exhausted so
threw myself on bed & slept till nine.
V. cold day glad of fur coat.

Sat. 27
Got down at 10. Worked all
day on report for Gompers.
Lunch at Hearth alone. Ethel
called. Dinner with Editha
at Hearth Walked home &
typed & practised a little.

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