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March. 1915
Sun. 28
Worked a little in morning.
Editha came in afternoon we had
dinner at Pkway & then called on Boyntons. One
Stewart out of bed. [several indecipherable words crossed out]

Tues [written over Mon. 29]
D. made a call. In evening
Mr Crump & Lawrence
Editha & I went to the Vagabonds
& heard a long discussion
on Futuristic Art. Demi as
wolfish as usual. Cold
day - fur coat.

Wed [written over Tues. 30]
I met D. in Elevator.
He seems to have no savoir
faire. Lunch & dinner
alone at Hearth. Walked
home & went to gym.
Feeling v. depressed & tired
of everything.

Mon. [written over Wed. 31]
V. cold day perishing
D. L. called but I was
out with Miss Galvin.
Dinner with Editha
(Monday) at Hearth &
walked home & saw [continued on next page]

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