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1915 April.
[continued from previous page] her re-installed at Mulcaheys. Managed to work a little on story

Thur. 1
Went to bank & pottered about.
Mrs Robins was in. In
evening Miss G. & I took Rose
S. to dinner at Lake St Eat Shop &
then to "Henrietta" at the Cort.
Lillian Carr in.

Fri. 2
Cold day again. D. wrote violent
& omnipotent letter because of an
April fool joke I played on him
Silly ass seems to be defective.
Rose & I had dinner at Hearth
& I walked home & went to
bed. Lovely red tulips from Mrs R.

Sat. 3
Not v. well but went down
town. Miss G & I had lunch
at Hearth. I worked v. well &
went home [at?] 3 & had a
sleep. Got up & worked some.
Had some milk in room
for supper.

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The Cort Theatre - 132 North Dearborn Street, Chicago

Cort Theatre program - "The New Henrietta" https://www.biblio.com/book/cort-theatre-chicago-new-henrietta-program/d/811900440

Jane Addams speech at the Cort March 1915