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1915 July.
[continued from previous page] with the [Mellon corrected to Mellen] girls & walked
home alone & worked on
story for "Life" competition

Thurs. 29
Lunch at Hearth with
Miss G. Just pottered. Went
to Dr Young in afternoon
she said I was suffering from
excessive fatigue. It is
caused by worry. Wet dull
day. Dinner at Hearth with Editha

Fri. 30
Lunch at Dutch Garden. Went
to hearing on "Eastland" for a
few minutes. In afternoon
was tried for our lives again
on "Life & labor". Miss G &
I had dinner at Hearth &
I walked home. Muggy day

Sat. 31
In the throes of moving. Got so
tired that I slept on 3 chairs in
poor old Unity Bldg. Dinner with
Editha in Lincoln Park Café after seeing
Zoo. Met Mrs [New?] [Newsham] & sister & went home
to Plaza Hotel & had Victrola concert.
Met Chesboro & he walked home
with us to Editha's disgust.

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Victrola - a gramophone with it's horn built into a cabinet, made by the Victor Talking Machine Company.