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1915 August.
[continued from previous page] walked home. Rested a
little and began to write
"On D. St." from the notes.
Too tired to do much. Had gas
stove going & coat on.

Thurs. 5
Just pottered as usual.
In evening attended meeting of
stenographers executive Bd.
& then Miss Galvin went to see
Mrs. L. Carter in Zaza at

Fri. 6
Sunny day. Just fooled around
office. Went to bank. Editha
came in afternoon & I took her
to Dr Schenkelberger. Dinner at
Hearth alone & walked home
exhausted. Must get away
from such a situation.

Sat. 7
Tried for our lives from 1.00 to
2.30 & Miss Galvin brutally
dismissed by Mrs Robins. Then
Miss G & I went out to the
Martinis for dinner & to see
Elisabeth's house

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"Zaza" - 1915 American silent romantic drama starred Pauline Frederick