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1915 August.
[continued from previous page] myself on bed & slept
till nine. Got up &
worked some. Cool dull

Thurs. 26
Cold dull day. Mrs East
came & Miss G. & I took her to
lunch at Domestic then to see
Tribune Russian War pictures
& then to Field's for tea. Then Miss
Galvin & I had wheat cakes at

Fri. 27
Worked in office. Took "L &L'
to Saul's. Lunch with
Ethel at Skylite. Dinner
alone at Hearth & walked
home. Busier with "On
Dearborn Street".

Sat. 28
Miss Galvin & I had lunch at
Skylite & went to Lake Shore
County Fair. Saw Lola there
with Mrs Green. Back & had supper
at Messingers & went to office &
wrote a letter. Called at Broads
& had gramophone music.

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