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August 1952

Friday 22

Glorious perfect day again all day.
Set out after ten to Manly by car, saw the Corso, Cardinal's Palace, Q. station & thence north after fish lunch to Palm Beach via the ocean, &back by Pittwater, & then to Gordon & from there we roamed out beyond [Matta?] & back to Central via Parramatta Rd & then out to Bondi to see it and Beaches & home by 7 p.m.
Chilly : after a meal turned on heater in front room & got to bed by 10 p.m. Temperature at 10 p.m 99 °

Notes and Questions

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Can't figure out the place name where they "travelled out beyond" ? Ihalla? N?alla ?


The diary entry for 5 August 1952 (10266632250) has some examples of similar initial letter formations. This word could possibly begin with 'In-' or 'M'. See line 4 'Income Tax', line 5 'Invited', and line 9 'Mrs A.' These would make the word 'Inalla' or 'Malla', neither of which are known places, and neither of which appear in the index to Jill Roe's full biography. So, no further advanced in our transcription! The initial letter could also be ‘U’ - this is how Miles often forms this letter.


Could this "travelled out beyond" mystery be 'Matta" - short for Parramatta and Miles hasn't crossed the T's? The route she traveled would be do-able from Gordon, then onto to Parramatta Road. Just a guess.