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September 1952

Tuesday 2

Spent from the coughing so thought I'd stay in bed, but Jo thumped & ran about & the milk was not in so I had to let him in at 8.30.
He mowed front & cut down one of the big limbs, me helping in my pyjamas.
He left at 11 I gave him first tea & bis. & then coffee & bis.
Gave him also bag orange & big pot of jam 4/6 and fig root 5/-.
I did a bit of clearing up & had something to eat & got to bed exhausted at 12.30.
Read till 2.30 slept till nearly 4.
Woke more exhausted.
Aunt Lena rang poor dear - she says she is depressed.
Nell J. rang.
I shooed her off: V. Stephensen in town & wants to see me, God help me - give me repose & escape.
Warm day 78°.

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