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October 1952

Saturday 4

Showery day. Tried a bit of essay. Just as I was dressing Dora B arrived & delayed me an hour. Met Pixie at YWCA where they had a show of children's paintings & Margo Lee waved about & Mary G. read poems. Thence to Glen for good baked dinner & Arthur Crouch present. He said B. Freehill had collapsed. T.B. Glen asked did I know N. Freehill. I said no. She wanted me to write to D. to tell him [N.F inserted above line] to come home to his wife, destitute & son ill & worried. I bet she knows of D's liaison. I feigned no knowledge. Home at 12.30 in rain. Met Alex B. & that Phyllis A. on the way.

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D - Dymphna Cusack