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fy our curiosity, [more particularly when

it is borne in mind that they are rather

reserve towards Europeans]. Still I would

add, should some of you form too low an estimate of the Blacks of this country

as to being so utterly degraded; ignorant as

hardly worth our inquiry, there is no

human race so deeply sunk or so utterly

savage as act to present some few features

of interest. These may yet be traced

in all the races of the earth, however

degenerate certain assimilations to the

rest of the human family, some kindred

feelings and sympathies and desires, certain qualifications and susceptibilities, intellect-

ual and other faculties, together with some

failings, infirmities and inherent evil

propensities which all prove tend to prove that they partake of the same nature as ourselves

that they are our kindred. Indeed those who

have studied the human races more carefully

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