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will own that there is far more similitude ['3' in pencil]
both in body and mind in the different races and tribes
of man than dissimilitude and,
they can only wonder at either the want
of [candor?] or the want of judgement in
those who have [tried?] from the ['difference' crossed out] diversity
of human races to raise doubts and
objections against the declaration
of revealed truth that all spring
from one common origin, from one pair.
In the next place I would remark ['that' crossed out]
even the fact that the Aboriginees are
rapidly diminishing before our eyes,
and that we, even though unwilling,
have as Colonials beene the indirect
cause and instruments of their speedy
extermination must tend to excite
some interest concerning them. And
here I must add that the poor miserable
remnant we now notice in the settled
parts of the Colony are not altogether
a true ['ty of' crossed out] type of the genuine Aboriginees,

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